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What to Watch in Healthcare in 2019:
Susan DeVore’s Five Key Trends

We believe 2019 will be a truly pivotal year, one where competitive forces unleash real, broad-based change. The key will be to see which providers adapt to and realize improvements from this change, and which get left behind.
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Ending the Opioid Epidemic: We Can Do More by Working Together

According to HHS, in 2016, more than 11.4 million people misused prescription opioids and 47,600 died from an opioid overdose. As part of the healthcare industry, we have a role to play to combat the epidemic.
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Have You Heard?

ProvideGxTM, our new subsidiary focused on developing a more stable and reliable supply chain for generic drugs in short supply, announced its 92nd shortage product is now available to members. And the Wall Street Journal interviewed Mike Alkire about it!
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Want to Save $8.3B a Year?

Patient-centric, physician-aligned care management models can be effective in reducing avoidable emergency department visits, with a savings potential of up to $8.3 billion annually.

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Don’t feel left out. Our Breakthroughs 2019 Executive Track is teeming with content to help health system leaders get ahead.

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